Game: Fantastic Contraption

Fantastic Contraption is a really interesting game where you have to build your own machines or contraptions to make one pink ball reach the goal area.

You start building you machine in a blue area and you can place whatever you want as long as you keep your invention inside that blue area. The different pieces that you can are a wheel that turns left, a wheel that turns right, a neutral wheel that can move to either side, a wood rod and a 'water rod' (water rods can go through other rods, wood rods will collide with other wood rods.).

This game allows for an interesting trial and error experience in which you can get better and better by just playing and analyzing what's happening. Also, because of the game's nature, a single level can have practically unlimited solutions.

The following video can show how different users managed to solve the same level:

What I liked about the game:
  • A really well implemented trial and error style will make it easy for someone to improve their creations.
  • Players are encouraged to create amazing and convoluted contraptions just for the bragging rights of doing so, which is amazing for a game.
  • Players can create their own levels, which allows this game to always have new content.
  • The tutorial is well done because it introduces the game's mechanics slowly but interestingly enough.
What I didn't like about the game:
  • I thought this game was well thought out. The only minor gripe i had was that very rarely, some of the contraptions you create won't make sense but still will allow you to beat the level and you will be left wondering 'how did that just work out?'.
inXile entertainment (2011) Fantastic Contraption []

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