Game: Lightbot 2.0

Lightbot 2.0 is a small flash game in which you have to guide a robot through the environment to light up certain tiles. You will do so by programming certain behaviors into it.

Through the game, you can either move forward, turn right, turn left, jump or turn on the tile you're standing on. For this, you have a "main program" and two functions to work with. With this, you can create loops, recursion and conditionals to achieve your goal.

What I found interesting about this game, is that you can indirectly learn basic programming logic, even recursion, which is normally a somewhat confusing topic.

The following video shows the first levels of the game:

What I liked about the game:
  • Cool way to learn basic programming logic.
  • Seeing your program work and improving it with trial and error helps you get better quickly.
  • The tutorial explains the game mechanics really good.
  • The game allows user created levels, which extends its replay value.

What I didn't like about the game:
  • The GUI could be improved a little bit, sometimes modifying your program takes longer than it should.
  • Turn arrows can get confusing on certain situations.

Play the game here.
Coolio Niato (2010) Lightbot 2.0 []

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