Game: Pixel Legions

Pixel Legions is a little flash strategy game where you must control your Pixels (units) and send them to attack your opponents to kill their Pixels and most importantly, their Base.

The game is simple, your base produces pixels which group themselves. Select a group and trace a path in the environment. The pixels will follow your traced path and if they encounter an enemy, they will atack.

I like this game because it's concept is extremely simple yet it creates fun experiences because you can't just mindlessly play, you actually need to have some sort of strategy.

As the game progresses, more elements come into play, like sections that you can only cross from one side or more enemies to deal with.

It would be interesting to see a variation of this type of game where you could program your pixels and pitch them against other people's armies and see who has the best strategy.

What I liked about the game:
  • The game is really easy to understand.
  • It keeps you entertained by adding small twists every now and then.
  • Encourages you to have some sort of strategy instead of mindless play.
  • Can provide interesting gameplay ideas for a programming game.

What I didn't like about the game:
  • The pixels auto-lock enemies (even if it's your enormous pixel group against two enemy pixels) which can cause some problems in advanced levels.
  • Some kind of multiplayer would've been nice.

Pixelante (2010). Pixel Legions

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